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About us

The company grew out of passion for durable, useful and beautiful things

DESIGN AND ARRANGEMENT DESIGN STUDIO WORKSHOP arch. Łukasz Pacławski is the sole representative and distributor of the German brand of kitchen furniture Bauformat & amp; Burger to Szczecin. Our company grew out of passion to create and design functional, ergonomic and durable things, and at the same time what does not necessarily exclude – beautiful.

Kitchens to size

The best quality of materials

The furniture from our offer distinguishes the highest quality of used materials and their treatment so that the final product meets the highest standards not only during the warranty period, but also many years after its completion. Bauformat products have a 5-year warranty , while lifetime warranty is valid for hardware and mechanisms. The company takes great care of its clients before (this is not surprising) but also long after the sale of their products both during the warranty period and when there is the possibility of assistance.

Every customer is important to us

Our approach is honesty and ethics in a business approach. Every customer is important to us – both before and after the purchase of furniture or other services offered by us.

Custom-made kitchen is not a slogan for us, it’s a practice

We make kitchens for individual orders. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can solve every detail of the interior design. So that the small detail has served you for years. Predestined us for this acquired skills in architectural design. This took place both at large facilities and private properties. In interior design stores at home and abroad.

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Our company offers Bauformat and Burger kitchen furniture and Badea bathroom furniture. On special order we also make dedicated cabinets for bathrooms and other rooms. In our assortment we also have high-class household appliances along with sanitary fittings. We design and manufacture cabinets and wardrobes according to individual orders. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and our brand on subsequent subpages.


Work on each client - basically a partner in a joint venture - we start with a conversation, exchange of experiences, ideas and views on the future effect. Such meetings are a challenge and pleasure for us. Thanks to this, we can get to know your expectations and preferences.


During the production of our products, we set ourselves the goal: the highest quality of the final effect, technological innovation and at the same time the care to maintain the highest standards of safety and ecology. Although our factory creates thousands of kitchens, each is tailor-made for the future user.


Every customer is important to us and treated with due attention both before and after the transaction and using our services, which is why we are at your disposal and we offer assistance and support within the framework of a long 5-year warranty and as far as possible after it.


We invite you to familiarize yourself with exemplary projects and realizations. We believe that our rich offer as well as unconventional and individual approach to the client visible on the projects will allow us to create interiors and buildings that suit our and your dreams.

Yes – dreams – because what we are guided by in our work is the passion of creating and the satisfaction of our customers.

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News / Promotions

Additional advantages facilitating the selection of shopping with us:

10, 20 or 30 installments 0% – No deposit, No commission, No additional costs

5-year warranty on household appliances for the kitchens purchased in the Kitchen Furniture Studios

When buying a kitchen, the opportunity to create a visualization of the future bathroom (for details please ask in the salon)

To meet your expectations, we have also created interesting promotions:

1000 PLN per kitchen = PLN 120 for household appliances. For each PLN 1000 spent on kitchen facilities in our studio you will receive PLN 123 for Blum equipment and household appliances * / **

* Promotion is not combined with other promotional actions.
** Promotion valid until September 2018

All news / promotions

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Below we present catalogs of kitchen and bathroom furniture to be downloaded or viewed on-line. We find here many proposals for offered fronts, fittings, countertops, housings, handles, etc.

All catalogs

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We cordially invite you to the new stationary studio, where in a relaxed atmosphere we will talk about our offer and we will try to answer every question regarding the assortment and interior design, and more …

We guarantee that our furniture will satisfy the most demanding tastes, will serve for many years and will not ruin your budget.

Contact info

  • STUDIO WORKSHOP Łukasz Pacławski

  • Address: Santocka Street 48-49 (Centrum - CARMEN), 71-083 Szczecin http://centrumcarmen.pl/

  • E-mail: biuro@bauformatszczecin.pl

  • Phone: (+48) 600 049 128, (+48) 501 709 971

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